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TraveLynn Tours is... 
Lynn Kyle

How did TraveLynn Tours begin?


My husband, Joe, and I have always loved to travel! After every trip, our friends always said, "The next time you go, we want to go with YOU!"  

I began to realize there were people wanting to travel with someone who had already been there. They wanted someone to do all the research and planning (with great detail), and someone who scheduled excellent experiences, BUT, also left time for the enjoyment of

exploring on their own.

These are also people who enjoy being educated on how to prepare for the trip in order to  EXPLOREEXPERIENCE, and ENJOY themselves!


My passion is not only traveling but showing others the places they have only dreamed of seeing and also allowing them to see destinations

as locals would while they are having unique experiences

that is not typically enjoyed on a group tour. 


Let me show you what I see!


-Lynn, TraveLynn Tours


Hosted Tours


Unique Experiences


Custom Itineraries


Professional Customer Service


"Lynn is very knowledgeable about the fun places to go, helps with useful information, and is just a great trip planner".

- Sandra S.

"Absolutely on top of her game! The trip to Italy was spot on! The tours were allow some free time at each stop. I learned so much and just when you thought "nothing can beat this", it did!"
-Teresa W.

“Been on several of Lynn's bus trips to NYC. Arrangements were perfect. Looking forward to traveling to Italy"

- Libby  D. 

"I love to travel. It's that simple. For as long as I can remember, there has always been at least one trip on my calendar.

The quotes I believe in are:  "If you don't want it to go wrong, then go along", and explore.experience.enjoy.  That's why I started a tour company: I could go along with the groups and show them that travel is much more than just touring a place, that you have to explore it and experience it to really enjoy where you go.

Joe and I have been married and traveling together for over 30 years. Between us, we have 2 children, their spouses, and 4 grandchildren(with one on the way).

We truly are blessed."  


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